Fellow blogger on the Swarm and on the Modesto Bee HIVE known as Freedom2Fascism has been arrested along with two others. This investigation has been a sham from the beginning after four raids by Steve “Juice” Jacobson and Sheriffs department. The District Attorneys office has a clear vendetta to take AJ Bail Bonds out and that is to give Sheriff Adam Christianson control over the Bail Industry in Stanislaus County. AJ Pontillo will be cleared on these charges.

You watch a guy for ten years and that is a case, no its a waste of tax payer money. More on this case at it develops.

Robert Stanford a local Community Activist and collections agent for AJ’s BailBonds has given an official statement regarding todays raid and arrests.:

“The members of AJ’s bailbonds were over-charged and bail was set at a ridiculously high amount. We are certain that Both Aleo Pontillo and Janelle Llorens will be home soon and will be exonerated in this matter.”


Owner of Modesto bail bonds business, 2 others arrested
By Rosalio Ahumada

MODESTO — Stanislaus County sheriff’s officials today arrested three people, including the owner of a Modesto bail bonds business, on charges of grand theft and criminal conspiracy.

Aleo John Pontillo, 40, owner of AJ’s Bail Bonds in the 1300 block of Yosemite Boulevard, was arrested on suspicion of grand theft, criminal conspiracy and insurance fraud, according to the Sheriff’s Department’s custody list. His bail was set at $2 million.

Mark David Davis, 49, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit grand theft and perjury. Janelle Marie Llorens, 27, also was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit grand theft and perjury, and she was additionally charged with insurance fraud.

Modesto Bee – Modesto Police, Stanislaus Sheriff and the FBI raided A.J.’s Bail Bonds on Yosemite Ave. just west of La Loma Ave., on Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2008. (Marty Bicek/The Bee

Modesto bail bond business raided

It unclear whether Davis or Llorens are employees at the bail bonds business or how they are connected to Pontillo. The business was the focus of a federal investigation in 2008.

Today’s arrests were part of an investigation conducted by the state Department of Insurance. Department spokesman Dave Althausen said they could not release any information on Wednesday, because “it’s coming in from agents in the field.”

Bee staff writer Rosalio Ahumada can be reached at rahumada@modbee.com or (209)578-2394.



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